Teachers Guide to STEM Ambassadors

As a school or college you can book a STEM Ambassador to come into your classroom, either face-to-face or virtually, free of charge. All the information you need to get started is available below.

For STEM Educators

Did you know there are thousands of volunteers in Scotland available to support young people with a range of STEM activities in primary schools for free? 

STEM Ambassadors are people working or studying in a STEM field, who have been PVG-checked by STEM Learning, who give up their time to help demonstrate the value of STEM subjects and careers. 

They can:

  • Show how STEM subjects apply in the real world 
  • Illustrate what a career in STEM really looks like and share their own stories 
  • Challenge young people to solve real-life problems
  • Make STEM relatable by bringing experience of the everyday into lessons  

The benefit of using STEM Ambassadors in the classroom include: 

  • Increased engagement in STEM 
  • Increased awareness of the importance of STEM 
  • Increased understanding of STEM subjects 
  • Increased aspiration and knowledge of STEM careers 

Requesting a STEM Ambassador is simple, just follow these steps.


Create an account today.

To find out more read the information packs below or get in touch at stemambassadors@sserc.scot

You can find videos below showing you how to add activities on the database and browse STEM Ambassador offers.


Teachers Handbook


Getting Started Guide


STEM Ambassador Checklist


Writing a Good Activity


Example Activity Card